We try to help people. We trust people at their word. We did the work, we trusted them to pay. They did not. So to let others know why we do not allow credit or payments and these are the ones that ruined it for everyone.

The DEADBEAT of the Year Award goes to TONY GONZALEZ of Hanover PA. Seems Mr. Gonzalez tried to sell a customer of ours a car. The deal was upon our approval. Well the car turns out, is a piece of crap. He was advised that the purchase is not going to happen and to give the customer their deposit back. He never returned the money. Here is the kicker, he sent my customer the title with a limited power of atty to sign it. He used OUR return address. Not cool. Now he is the listed owner of the vehicle, he knew the vehicle was coming here for us to look at. He knows that it has been ready since 12/27/23 he has accrued a huge amount of storage charges. He has refused all attempts at contacting us about this bill, ignored the certified letters. So we are going to have our day in court here real soon. Yes, for all this, we award TONY GONZALES of Hanover PA, The Deadbeat of the YEAR!! I know it is early for the year but this guy, hands down wins!!

There are a few others that have now gone to collections and hopefully we can get a mechanics lien on these vehicles and auction them off for the monies owed to us. They will also be reported to the major credit institutions and put on their credit history.